Thursday, June 23, 2016

Extension of Reina Sofia Museum

Extension of Reina Sofia Museum, Madrid, Spain.
Architect : Ateliers Jean Nouvel

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"This  proposal  is  a  gentle,  natural  operation.
The Museum takes in a triangular block to the west,  three  of  four  buildings  and  some  trees under one of its wings.
Although  these  buildings  change,  they  stay roughly in the same place and their relationship with the neighbouring architectures does not vary in essence: we simply try to clear the western  façade  of  the  Museum."

"Ma questa è solo una premessa: l’inserimento di qualsiasi architettura contemporanea in un contesto preesistente sarà pienamente riuscita solo se saprà valorizzare ciò che la circonda e, viceversa, se verrà nobilitata da ciò che le sta intorno."

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