Saturday, April 14, 2018

Massimiliano Fuksas - NARDINI Distillery

Massimiliano Fuksas - Events & Research Space NARDINI Distillery in Bassano del Grappa, Vicenza, Italy (2004) For the historic 225th corporate anniversary, the Nardini Family set out to create an architectural icon; from the vision of Massimiliano Fuksas [], a landmark was unveiled in 2004, "Le Bolle" (the Glass Bubbles) that dares to compete with the Andrea Palladio Bridge, an inseparable symbol of the city of Bassano and Nardini []. The aim of this project was to meet the need for an auditorium where those interested in the world of Grappa could be welcomed all year; an expanded laboratory facility, and a space to host internal meetings and events of high cultural value. The Analysis laboratory in the lower bubble is a vitally important workplace it is where the exacting quality and continuity of NARDINI Products is guaranteed, with daily quality control for every lot Trasparent and double-glazed, providing exellent solar protection and a very low level of light refelction combined with energy saving efficienty. 11.500 sq.m. of galss used. 572 couples of glass panes. 204 panes of clear glass on the upper part. produced. 82 opaque panes in the lower part of each bubble. 691 sq.m. of surface area of the upper bubble. 514 sq.m. of surface area in the lower bubble.

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