Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Renzo PIANO - Rue de Meaux HOUSING

Renzo PIANO - (1991) - Rue de Meaux HOUSING (Paris, France) This residential complex in the 19th district of Paris is Composed of 220 low cost apartaments. The homes all face a central internal garden planted with birch trees. Research into the grani and color of materials led to the creation of a "double-skinned" facade system and the use of terracotta. Applying GRC technology, Renzo Piano [http://www.rpbw.com/] has taken the prefabricated panel to a new level of architectonic sophistication and excellence. "The Rue de Meaux Housing (1991) in Paris exemplifies Piano's ability to bring together innovation and exacting craftsmanship with knowledge of the technical aspects of the production of buildings to achieve new and successful results. The appeal of the building's terra cotta cladding brought a durable surface material back into popularity, while revealing its potential for frank elegance, in contrast to neoclassical applications that often disguised the material." Renzo Piano

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