Saturday, April 14, 2018

Oscar NIEMEYER - Auditorium

Oscar NIEMEYER - (2010) - Auditorium (Ravello - Italy) [...] It's not the right angle that attracts me, and not even the straight line, hard and inflexible, created by man. What attracts me is the sensual free curve, the curve that I meet in the mountains of my country, in the preferred woman, in the clouds of the sky and in the waves of the sea; of the curves which make the whole universe, the curved universe of Einstein. [...] Oscar Niemeyers masterpiece for Ravello: The culture in which his architecture is based is sunny, daring and balanced, all at the same time, something which unites all Latin countries on both sides of the Atlantic; therefore, an intimate harmony between his style and ours is key. From the creator of the only city of the world built in the twentieth century and recognized by the UNESCO Patrimony of the humanity, Brasilia the federal capital of Brazil, that April 21st 2010 will celebrate the fiftieth anniversary from its foundation happened in 1960. Niemeyer is universally recognized as architectural genius of our day and he has succeeded in the mission to create a architectonic complex that was both simple an bold, able to stand out from but non contrast with its surroundings. The Auditorium is reached by means of an oblong square from which it's possible to admire both the breathtaking panorama and the remarkable building. (40°39'2.56"N - 14°36'50.55"E)The concert hall, which includes the parterre, the orchestra stage and the foyer, boldly juts forth into empty space. The technical characteristics give perfect acoustics and the landscape can still be enjoyed thanks to the large glass front and the window behind the orchestra.

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